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[OMFG] Dubstep Became Interesting Again


I’m going to lay it out on the line here: I’m getting tired of dubstep. Sure, there are a couple of tracks that I’m cool with listening to now and again. But the simple fact is that dubstep became another fad that people took to extremes and put everywhere. It wasn’t enough on its own, so it became a part of rock/metal (see Korn‘s The Path To Totality for examples). It’s in commercials, movie trailers, blah blah blah. And so, after being inundated by dubstep for over a year, I’m kinda done with it.
Then comes along violinist Lindsey Stirling who posts a video of her rocking the violin to some dubstep. End result? It’s pretty badass. It doesn’t hurt that she can dance beautifully whilst playing AND is rather easy on the eyes (male chauvinism FTW!). Check out the latest track Crystallize below. You can also see my personal favorite Shadows.

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