[OMFG] Metallica Meets Jay-Z In 'Double Black' - Bloody Disgusting!

[OMFG] Metallica Meets Jay-Z In ‘Double Black’

BamBeatz, a up-and-coming hip hop producer from Florida, has decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary release of Metallica‘s self-titled album (often referred to as The Black Album) and the 10th anniversary of Jay-Z‘s Black by combining the two into a mixtape. The first track, Moment Of Clarity, can be heard below and is also available for free download.
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest hip hop fan but creativity in music is something I’m always excited to hear about. That being said, this track started out pretty sweet but quickly devolved into the “boring” territory. Metallica is known as a metal band, not a band that plays the same riff over and over and over and over… Rather, they are a band that uses dynamics to create multi-layered songs. If you’re planning on using the music of Metallica and the vocals of Jay-Z, how about actually using the music of Metallica the way it is meant to be heard: nice and heavy!

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