Finally! A Sample Of A New Garbage Song - Bloody Disgusting
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Finally! A Sample Of A New Garbage Song




The news that Garbage was returning this year with a new album sent fans into a frenzy. After all, it had been seven years since their last studio album, Bleed Like Me. Now, with Not Your Kind Of People coming out on May 15th, the band has decided to award those of us who were alone on Valentines Day with a snippet of a song entitled I Hate Love. It took me a listen or two but I’m definitely digging it. Check it out below!

The band states: “We have the most incredible fans. We are overwhelmed by the amazing “I Hate Love” art we received from all of you from across the globe. As a Valentine’s Day treat, here’s a sneak peak of a new song called “I Hate Love’ showcasing some of your art. We weren’t able to include all of your love-hating creations in the video clip, but we will put together “I Hate Love” photo albums on our Facebook page today to display everyone’s work. We can’t thank you all enough for inspiring us.”


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