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Mastodon, Opeth, Ghost Teaming Up For N. American Tour

In a recent interview with Studio Brussel, bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders of Mastodon confirmed a N. American tour with Swedish prog metal band Opeth and Swedish NWOBHM band Ghost. When asked about the future plans for the band, Sanders replied, “We go to Australia take part in the Soundwave Festival, which is going to be lovely… Take a short break. Do a North American tour with Opeth and Ghost.” As of now, no tour dates have been confirmed. Below are some videos you can check out to see how perfectly everything goes together.

Okay, my mind is blown. This might be one of the best lineups I’ve seen in a LONG time. Each of these bands has incredible music and the thought of getting to check out Ghost on the big stage is unreal. This is one of those shows that I’ll come to early, make sure I get a great view, and then I won’t move for the rest of the show. Beer server! Bring me more ale!



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