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BANDHAPPY Opens Registration Today


BANDHAPPY is a website that offers live, on-line music instruction in all sorts of different areas, such as instruments (guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc…) to sound production and engineering, and much more. Many of the teachers that have committed to the site are from such bands as Periphery, TesseracT, Textures, Lamb Of God, Animals As Leaders, Soilwork, and more. 

Today sees the site open for registration, both for prospective students AND for musicians interested in teaching. There are video tutorials for teachers and students, so make sure to check them out.
I personally think this is a brilliant service as students can not only learn about their area of interest but also about the real world applications. This is a chance for musicians to lay it all out on the line so that students understand exactly how big of a commitment this lifestyle can be.



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