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Sounds Like Resident Evil 6 Is Going To Be A Little Chatty

Have you ever watched a movie or played a video game and just as the bad guy’s about to win they just keep talking until they buy enough time for the good guy’s reinforcements to arrive? Of course you have, because that happens all the time. I bring this up because some intriguing new info could increase the chances of this happening in Resident Evil 6. According to a Dengeki PlayStation magazine leak, there will be a “seamless” conversation system that adapts to the situation.

I’m not picturing anything along the lines of say, Mass Effect 3, but this is a definite sign that Capcom wants to take the series to the next level. I’d be excited about this, but since the Resident Evil series has never excelled in the areas of dialogue and voice work, I’m going to go ahead and reserve my excitement for when we see this in action. If the writing is anything like Resident Evils 1-5 or any of the spinoffs, I’m not sure I want more dialogue. I know it sounds harsh, but these are only my personal opinions. Oh, and I also speak for TJ, Liam Neeson, and the Republic of Uganda, but that last one is a pretty long story.

According to a quote from a member of the development staff in the magazine, someone was worried they were going too overboard with the conversation system. Really? Too overboard? Now I’m intrigued.

More voice acting could help or hurt the game, but we won’t know until it releases on November 20 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and later on the PC. I might sound a little jaded — mostly because I totally am — so to stay positive I’ll say that the idea of a conversation system that’s affected by your current situation could be pretty damn cool.

Okay, that took a lot of effort.

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