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Say Hello To The 1st Super Nintendo Game To Be Released In 15 Years, Nightmare Busters

According to Wikipedia, the last Super Nintendo game ever released was Frogger, in 1998. Well, according to Geekology the first game in about 15 years is going to be released for the Super Nintendo. We’re talking, old skool, cartridge, case, and manual. Nightmare Busters was supposedly under development in 1995 but was never finished. It eventually made its way around the internet in rom form, and a game company called Super Fighter Team bought up the rights and are going to release it.

The initial release will only be 600 copies, and the game will cost $68.00. That really sounds like a lot. But to those who remember the good old days, cartridge games wildly varied in price. You could pay upwards of 80 dollars or more for certain games. I’m sure the price being so high also has to do with the extremely limited amount of copies. I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to see more companies go out of there way to make more games for old systems.



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