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Dead Space 3 Could Use Battlefield Engine, Multiplayer FPS Spin-Off Looking More Likely

I have a double dose of Dead Space rumors for you, regarding the highly anticipated Dead Space 3, and the rumored FPS spin-off idea that EA’s supposedly been tinkering with lately. The first rumor is the third installment in the main series could be using the Frostbite Engine — otherwise known as the reason Battlefield 3 is such a gorgeous game.

Last year EA’s Visceral Games brand was expanded to the newly renamed Visceral Games Montreal, where a job listing recently popped up asking for a senior environmental designer to work on the Dead Space franchise. Head past the break for more info! We know Visceral Games Montreal is working with the Frostbite Engine, and we also know they’re working on a game in the Dead Space franchise. If Dead Space 3 is using that engine, just try and imagine how stunning the next game will be Try, I dare you. You can’t can you? That’s because your simple mind can’t even fathom how incredible it would look.

As for the FPS, a second job listing has popped up at EA asking for a multiplayer designer who’s an “avid FPS gamer” with “previous experience as a Multiplayer Level Designer on shipped shooter/action titles” to “contribute creatively to an exciting IP”. The position is for Visceral Games, the studio responsibile for the Dead Space franchise.

Now all I need is an official confirmation that the Dead Space flight sim is indeed a real thing and I will be a happy camper.

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