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The Secret World’s Official Release Date, While The Beta Is Split Wide Open

The Secret World is a game I’ve been way too excited about for way too long. If you hang around here at all you probably already know that. Well, in the lull that is usually summer video game releases The Secret World will be making an appearance at the perfect time. June 19th of this year TSW will be releasing on the PC, and I will say goodbye to the sun until September. Originally slated (I hate that word so I’ll use projected) for April, upon the massive beta testing they decided to push it back to invest more time in development and making everything great.

Make sure if you haven’t that you sign up for the beta because in the coming months they’ll be opening it up a lot more than before. No more closed beta, a lot more open beta events. Try before you buy! I tried it, and just as I thought I love it. Can’t wait.



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