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A.Wake in a Nightmare

After being in development for five years, Alan Wake launched in May of 2010 to moderate success exclusively on the Xbox 360. Despite sales figures officially showing it sold around 1.4 million copies, only 500,000 of those were actually in stores. An estimated 900,000 download codes for the game were bundled with Xbox 360 consoles during that year’s holiday season, which padded the numbers quite a bit. Regardless of how it was received, though, Alan Wake is still a creative, unique game that stands as one of this generation’s most ambitious efforts. See why in my video below.

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC. Price: $19.99 (Xbox 360), $29.99 (PC) Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be out tomorrow exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200msp. If you have a game you’d like me to check out, or just some feedback, tell me!



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