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Our Premature Evaluation of Resident Evil 6

It finally happened. Resident Evil 6 was announced last month, sending fans of the series in a frenzy. Some are against it, saying it still isn’t true to the series’ survival horror roots, while others praise the long awaited return of zombies. Capcom has said the upcoming game will have a bigger focus on horror, while also telling us they’re focusing more on action so they can try and get some of Call of Duty’s tens of millions of fans. That last part is particularly terrifying for most fans of the franchise, but whether it means old school Resident Evil has gone the way of the Dodo is something we won’t know until the game releases this November.

So where do TJ and I fall in all this? Do we think this game will rock, and everyone who says otherwise can go suck a long, veiny zombie arm? What? You thought I was going to say something else? Get your mind out of the gutter and read on for our thoughts on whether or not we think this is going to be the Resident Evil fans have been asking for.

The Visuals

Adam: As a series, Resident Evil has never disappointed me visually. I can’t see Resident Evil 6 slacking in this department, especially after watching, and dissecting its trailer. I also like the variety this game looks to have in its environments, with its three separate campaigns set all over the world.

TJ: I totally agree. The games have looked increasingly more gorgeous with each new release. When Code Veronica came out I nearly cried just seeing the definition in Claire’s lips. Finally being able to see Resident Evil 5 on a new console was a visual treat for my eyes. From the trailer it looks up to those standards, and here’s to hoping they step it up even more for 6.

Adam: You get increasingly more gorgeous with each new release. Wait, what?

TJ: As they say, men age well. Too bad I’m not much of a man.

The Gameplay

Adam: This series isn’t really known for its tight, intuitive controls. Instead, more often than not you can tell you’re playing a Resident Evil by how tank-like your character is. RE4 mixed things up a lot, then RE5 came out and the series felt dated again. From the trailer we can see characters sliding into cover, Gears of War style, strafing, and a ton of brutal new melee moves. It’s obvious Capcom has spent some much needed time refining this area of the game, and I’m looking forward to how it’ll feel. Do you think it’ll feel good, TJ? Velvety good?

TJ: I’m thinking it’s going to feel so soft I’m going to want to sleep on it naked. In fact I think Capcom has watched games left and right kick it’s gameplay in the ass, and I’m hoping they are sick of it. I want them to want to tell Dead Space walking and shooting is nothing, check out some run shooting. Nice dive rolling Gears Of War, how about some cartwheel kicks into cover? I mean when you think about it, although it does deplete the survival horror element even more there is no reason these characters shouldn’t be more agile. Chris and Leon have been surviving insane horrors for YEARS. They should pretty much be able to do whatever they want in the gameplay.

Adam: I’d like to do a cartwheel pirouette dive roll right into your open arms, sir.

TJ: Two comments in a row about how hot you are for me? This is going south fast. Literally.

The Multiplayer

Adam: Ick. for the most part, I am not for multiplayer in my horror games. Obviously, games like Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor need multiplayer, but games like Dead Space and Resident Evil just don’t. With that said, multiplayer is where the money’s at, and it’s already been confirmed to return in this game. I don’t hate the idea of six-player co-op, whatever that means. Versus on the other hand, can go suck that aforementioned veiny zombie appendage.

TJ: Resident Evil 5’s Versus Mode was an abortion that Capcom forgot to take care of. I’m not however giving up all hope just yet for Resident Evil 6. If they did something Horde’esq I think it could turn out to be pretty awesome. But that also seems like something that may fit better into Operation Raccoon City. The gameplay in RE5 really fucked Versus Mode to death. Not being able to shoot while moving is a horrible thing to have to deal with when fighting hordes of zombies. I’m optimistically holding my breath.

Adam: I won’t be optimistic about this, in fact, I think I’ll have a coat hanger handy when I bring this game home, just in case.

TJ: I’ll bring the abortion vacuum. But I won’t like it.

The Story

Adam: I have a love/hate relationship with the story in Resident Evil. On one hand, the series has some of the best characters, like Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield, but on these games also tend to have some of the worst dialogue ever. It’s gotten better over the years, but it’s still unintentionally funny and deliciously cheesy. I hope the story in Resident Evil 6 will be one I really enjoy, but I’m going to keep my hopes real low.

TJ: The ladies of Resident Evil are my faves, but I have to say for as many of the Resident Evil characters that I love there are equally as many that I hate. I never want to see Wesker again. Some of the characters in Operation Raccoon City and Revelations I can’t stand. Despite all that, the Resident Evil universe is probably one of my favorites, excluding the movies. Though yes things got out of hand in 5, they can never take the zombies out of the Resident Evil universe. I’m always excited to see where they will take the series. I’m curious to see how 6 will all come together.

Adam: What? You don’t like that guy in Revelations with the cherry red flock of seagulls hairdo? You know what I want? I want them to bring back the Merchant. That guy rocked my world, and I need him to return and fill the gaping hole left in my heart after his no-show in Resident Evil 5.

TJ: FUCK that guy. He looks like a Final Fantasy reject. And YES, PLEASE bring back the merchant. The merchant is a MUST. He was my rock. My flame, my muse. Now I’m really curious as to how they are going to lay out the inventory. I’m hoping they bring back the attaché case.

Adam: I guess that means my status as TJ’s rocky muse has been revoked. Damn you Merchant, damn you to hell.

Final Thoughts

Adam: I think Resident Evil 6 is going to be a great game. While I desperately want the series to really return to its horror roots, I just don’t see that happening. This is the next best thing, and now that I have my zombies back, so I’m happy. A few years ago Resident Evil was my favorite franchise, one that I would try and follow every zombie-related headline just so I could make sure I knew every little thing about the next game. Now, my interest in the series has migrated to other more exciting series, like Dead Space, Condemned, and Alan Wake. I still can’t wait for Resident Evil 6, but Capcom has to prove to me they’re willing to push boundaries with their games, because lately, that hasn’t been the case.

TJ: I’m excited for Resident Evil 6 there’s no doubt about it. Even if they did fully return to their horror roots, who knows if it would be any good? I couldn’t get into AMY and that game was about as survival horror as it comes. From the 3 separate story lines in Resident Evil 6, it looks like Capcom is trying to appeal to ALL audiences. Leon’s story is taking the fans clamoring for zombies back to its roots. Chris’s story looks as if they’re appealing to the RE4 and RE5 fans. The new guy’s story looks like a whole new type of Resident Evil where you kick zombie/infected ass Wesker style. Everyone gets what they want and Capcom skates by untouched.

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