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The Xbox 720 Is Unofficially Announced, Come Inside For The Details!

If you haven’t already read about it elsewhere, then you’ve come to the right place! YES! The Xbox 720 has semi sort of been announced. There of course are random images out there of what it could look like, but we don’t really know yet. What I’ve heard so far, they are looking to eliminate the whole Microsoft Points system (YES!!!).

Bad news? Though just a rumor, it has been said that it will include a chip that wont allow you to play used games. WTF?! I would assume people will figure out how to remove or bypass it though, us humans are quite resourceful. More past the break. From what I’ve read around, and more specifically on IGN, the chip it will be running is of the AMD 6000 series which was actually introduced last year. It will offer support for DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output. Sounds good to me.

What I really hope is that most of the games look as good as Final Fantasy XIII’s cut scenes. But hey, I’m a dreamer. Though the AMD chip is of an older model, it is said that the performance will be 6 times greater than the 360. My 360 already sounds like an airplane taking off, I wonder if the 720 will actually fly away.

No price has yet been determined, though I expect to pay out the ass for it and I will.

Blu-ray? Yes.

There is also talks about the Kinect 2, and that it will have it’s own on board processor allowing it to read your movements much more accurately.

Xbox 720 is also not it’s official name, though I think they should stick with it before they end up calling it something stupid like Wii.

Looks like they are aiming for a late fall 2013 release.

So, who’s in?




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