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Resident Evil 6 Trailer Analysis: Dual Wielding, New Enemies, And More!

I usually don’t do this, but when a trailer debuts for a game like Resident Evil 6 and shows actual gameplay, I have no choice but to scour every little detail, pixel, and second of footage and see if Capcom hid in there. If you’re looking forward to this game – and I’m sure a majority of you are since the series is finally returning more closely to the action/horror of Resident Evil 4 – then you might want to join me for this in-depth trailer analysis.

So you don’t have to do it, I went through the trailer, frame by frame, taking screenshots along the way, while I looked for some of the neat bits you might’ve missed your first (second, third, or however many times you’ve watched the trailer by now). I’ve found some very, interesting things, and I’d very much like to share my knowledge with you after the jump. First off, here’s the trailer.

All right, now let’s dig in.

Here’s Leon’s partner, a woman by the name of Helena Harper. She was a member of the president’s security detail before he, you know, went from this…

…to this:

Below you can see some gameplay from Leon’s branch of the campaign. It reminds me of that scene in 28 Days Later where the group’s car breaks down in the tunnels and there are the infected chasing them.

If this is a fraction as terrifying as that scene was, then I’m totally in.

Anyone else think this woman looks like Ingrid Hunnigan, from Resident Evil 4? I’m positive this is her. I’m all for her returning, especially since Leon and Ms. Hunnigan were getting a little flirty by the end of RE4.

Look! There’s a guy trapped in the bus!

Oh wait, never mind.

The third person over-the-shoulder perspective returns, though it looks like the camera’s potion has been tweaked a bit so you can see more of the action. The guns with mounted laser sights also return.

Looks like the zombies can grapple you, much like they did in past games.

Wow, these zombies are handsy. Thankfully, when a zombie tries to touch your naughty bits, all you have to do is unleash a can of elbow-to-the-side-of-the-head.

There are two things we can take from the screenshot below: 1) Judging from the super decayed zombie Leon’s about to kick, the undead could come in various levels of decomposition, and 2) Leon can roundhouse kick a zombie like no other. Also, a few frames before this, Leon can be seen wielding two handguns, which could mean we can dual-wield certain weapons in this game.

Below we have our first glimpse of one of the new enemies in Resident Evil 6: a Boomer. Well, okay, so it’s not a Boomer. That’s just what I’m going to call every fat zombie in a video game from now to the end of time.

This guy really wants a hug.

It looks like this ball of infectious bulbous love just wants some love. Or, he wants to snap Leon like a twig. Or, he wants to lay Leon over his knee and give him a good spanking. Two out of three of those aren’t all that bad.

What we can take from the below screenshot is the unsurprising return of enemies that can wield (and throw) melee weapons – maybe there’s a mix of the non-zombies of RE4-5 and the original Romero esque zombies in this game?

Below you can see Chris sprinting through a busy street in some unidentified part of China, where his story takes place. Past games have let us jog, but a sprint option would definitely come in handy when it comes to escaping the hordes of undead that’ll undoubtedly be thrown at us.

Expanding on new and improved features in RE6 is the much improved cover system, that doesn’t just have you robotically stick to a wall. Later on in the trailer we see a more Gears of War style cover system that lets you slide into cover, and here we see a tweaked version of what RE5 offered. Chris is also going up against human enemies, so that ought to be interesting.

This is the Javo — a new enemy introduced in RE6. He enjoys long walks on the beach, eating people alive, and being fucking terrifying.

This is the mysterious third character whose partner is either Ashley or Sherry (more on that later). He doesn’t have a name yet, but we do know he’s an ex-mercenary with “special blood” that can save the world.

A possible new feature in RE6, here we can see the Merc dodging an enemy’s stretchy arm (sort of reminds me of those Bandersnatches from Code Veronica). If you thought that was impressive, check this out:



Either this guy is a complete badass, or he has some sort of Wesker esque infection that’s made him more powerful than your average human. I’m betting on the latter. Are you eating? No? Ok, good, then you won’t mind looking at this:

Ick. That’s one ugly Frankenstein dude. This guy’s obviously a boss because he can be seen chasing the merc throughout much of the trailer. I think he’s some sort of Nemesis-like creature that was created with the sole purpose of taking out the merc because of his special blood, but that’s totally something I just made up, so take it with a grain of salt.

Here’s the merc’s partner that I hinted at earlier. I originally thought she was Ashley Graham, since she’s the president’s daughter, and her dad just died horribly, so she definitely has a reason to side with the good guys to kick some ass. I’ve also heard rumors this could be Sherry Birkin, but until it’s confirmed I’m going with this is Ashley.

It looks like that claw-like contraption on the Frankenmonster’s right arm is some sort of mechanical grabby torture device that will ruin our day if you let him get a hold of you. I can also see some things that look like syringes coming out of parts of it — maybe it’s trying to take a sample of the merc’s blood?

Speaking of special blood, here’s the merc injecting himself with something. Unless it’s steroids that let him perform those insanely cool fighting moves, I’m thinking this is a virus suppressant, that keeps him from going full monster. But I could be wrong.

This one’s a little blurry, but in it a soldier is injecting himself with something that looks like the same thing the merc just injected himself with, making my virus suppressant prediction sound a little more plausible.

Oh, this next one’s cool.

Shiny ball…


RE6 is all about bioterrorism — the president dies at the very beginning by some sort of bioterrorist act — so this could be a weapon that infects groups of people quickly. Or it could be a nifty way to share your heroin. Then again…

Last I checked, heroin doesn’t turn make you burst into flames and start melting, so we can probably check off heroin.

While we’re on things that make me feel gross, the next two screens are of a weird, growing bubble that eventually pops. the trailer cuts away a little too soon to see what happens next, but this could easily be the introduction to a new enemy. A vile, disgusting enemy.

The screen below reminds me a bit of Call of Duty, with you and a convoy of military vehicles driving through empty streets only to have the vehicle in front of you randomly explode because of some sort of mutant behemoth, oh wait…

That big guy looks like a new boss, and to me, resembles a mix between RE4’s Gigante and those flytrap-ish Majini from RE5 that had their ribcage and innards dragging behind them. In other words, not very attractive.

You might love the idea of sliding into the safety of cover, until…

A stretchy arm zombie grabs you by the head and uses you to play momma had a dandelion and the head popped off.

Not a fan of guns? Try some of these other combat maneuvers:

The elbow to the face is somewhat effective.

The axe to the forehead is super effective!

This is the only melee weapon we see used in the trailer, but if you can use an axe that leads me to believe you can use other weapons as well.

No screnshot could do this move justice. Leon slides forward, uses his momentum to swing himself around, then quickly unloads a few shots into the probably very confused zombies behind him.

Now I have no idea what this thing is, but it doesn’t look like things are going to end well for Leon.

Oh, and the zombie dogs are returning!

What do you do after all that?


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