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Resident Evil 6 Officially Unveiled, Feast Your Eyes On The Official Trailer!

Well guys and gals, your patience has finally paid off. Just as it said it would, the No Hope Left site has been updated with a link to the Resident Evil 6 channel on youtube, where you can find the game’s trailer in a plethora of languages. The November 20, 2012 release date is also official, as are all my hopes and dreams that this game would mark the series’ triumphant return to horror and zombies.

In case you care, while the game hasn’t been rated, it will contain “Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language.” Nice. Check out the very impressive trailer after the jump!

Leon shoots the president, who turns out to be a zombie? Another virus infects the city of Tall Oaks, transforming it into another Raccoon City-like wasteland, brimming with actual zombies? It also looks like that mysterious third character is a the red-haired mercenary in the latter half of the trailer who has very special blood.

Some other notable features we can glean from the trailer is the addition of strafing (fucking finally), and a Gears of War style cover system. Hell. Yes.

Update: I just received a press release confirming the game’s release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

What do you think?

Is This What You Wanted Resident Evil 6 To Look Like?



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