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Get Ready For A Downpour Of Silent Hill Games This March

Had you come to me a year ago, through a wormhole or time machine, or something like that, and told me I would be getting three Silent Hill games in one month, I would’ve called you a Time-Witch and immediately burned you at the stake. Then I would’ve laughed while pointing at your smoldering ashes because there is no way we’d ever get three Silent Hills in a month’s time. We’re lucky if we get one in a year, but three? No, I say. Not possible.

I would, of course, be wrong. Konami recently confirmed the new release dates for all three of this year’s Silent Hill games, officially making March the best year ever to be a horror fan. Head past the jump for the revised list of release dates! Silent Hill HD Collection March 6 (PS3, 360)
Silent Hill: Downpour March 13 (PS3, 360)
Silent Hill: Book of Memories March 27 (PS Vita)

Let’s not forget Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which releases on March 20 for the PS3, 360, and PC – so it’s now sandwiched between Downpour and Book of Memories. A Silent Hill sandwich with Resident Evil filling… Fuck. Now I’m hungry.


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