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Dead Pixels Podcast: Game of the Year Edition

You hear that? That’s the soft cooing of a very special Game of the Year edition of the Dead Pixels Podcast! Do you think you can handle our wrap up of the best, worst, and most bizarre games of 2011? If you think you do then I highly suggest listening in as TJ and I talk about our picks for our favorite and least favorite games of the year. Oh, and we’re joined by very special guest host David Harley — that’s special as in he brings with him a love for the Wii and a fresh set of opinions, not special in the please-stop-eating-the-paste sort of way.

So please, listen to our podcast. We worked really hard on it and I think it’s rather dandy. If you’re an enthusiast of all things dandy you should definitely head past the break to listen in as we discuss stuff!

In case you missed it, the games we’re more or less picking from are taken from our FEAR Awards nominees, so if you disagree with our opinions, feel free to see who you chose as the best and worst games of 2011.



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