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Get Your Survival Horror Fix With AMY Next Week

Well fuck me, this all just keeps getting better and better. As if getting the Silent Hill HD Collection in a few weeks (Jan 24) wasn’t enough, it was just announced via the AMY Facebook page that next week will bring us the highly anticipated arcade horror title. For a paltry $12.99 on PSN (€9.9 EU, £7.99 UK) or 800 Mutant Spring-Loaded Pompoms ($10) on XBLA you can kick monster hiney in AMY when it releases on Jan 10 for PSN and XBLA the following day.

Everything we’ve seen from the game so far points to it being an incredibly creepy game. If this sounds like your type of thing, and I’m sure it does, I suggest supporting it with your hard-earned money. Think of Amy, all alone, with no one to protect her. If you don’t get this game she will die, and that would make you a total dick. You don’t want that, do you? Oh, and head past the break for some creepy concept art.

News via the AMY Facebook page



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