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Reincar(Nate): A New Kickstarter Project From ‘Hoax Hunters’ Creator

Michael Moreci, writer of the recent Image Comics series “Hoax Hunters”, has team up with artist Keith Burns for a graphic novel project called Reincar(Nate), which they are hoping to fund through Kickstarter. The book will be a full length graphic novel following Nate McCoy, a slightly off-beat hard boiled P.I. who has the power to see and interact with past versions of himself. There are a whole slew of “backing” options ranging from 5 bucks up to 300 bucks, and from the preview pages, any amount seems well worth it. See more details and some preview pics after the break.

Moreci describes the series on the Kickstarter page: “Reincar(Nate) is a 102-page, full-color graphic novel that tells the story of Nate McCoy, a well-meaning, down on his luck P.I. who has a special ability–he can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from. With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a 1960s-era hitman), Nate works to solve his latest case, one that digs straight to the heart of the city’s criminal underworld.

If you’re a fan of stylized, character-driven noir in the vein of Chew or Terriers, you’ll find a lot to like in Reincar(Nate).”

Check out the video below and then head on over to their page and support this project immediately.



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