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Timothy Olyphant a Candidate for Ass-Kickin’ Snake Plissken?



Off of his quasi-successful release of The Crazies, director Breck Eisner is working hard at bringing the long-gestured Escape From New York remake to theaters. But before he can do that, he’ll need to cast the new Snake Plissken. In an interview with Movieweb he reveals that Crazies star Timothy Olyphant is a possible candidate to strap on the patch and kick some ass. In my humble opinion, I think he is the perfect casting choice (who the hell thought Gerard Butler was a good idea?). You can read more about it inside.
Creatively, he [Timothy Olyphant] would be great for it,” Eisner tells Movieweb. “We have not yet discussed internally within the studio who will play Snake Plissken. There are many factors that go into those discussions. First and foremost, obviously, is the creative one. We can’t make the movie unless we get the perfect Snake Plissken, and that’s a tall order. There are very few guys that could do it. He would definitely be one of the guys who could. There is no question about that.

John Carpenter’s original (1981) followed antihero Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell) as he tries to save the President in gang-ruled Manhattan. The new spin follows along the lines of the original in which Snake Plissken — an iconic soldier-turned-criminal — is given 24 hours to find the President following the crash of Air Force One.

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