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Danielle Harris Vamps Up for ‘New Blood’

B-D caught up with the always-lovely horror vet Danielle Harris on Thursday night at the Saturn Awards, and in the process she hinted at her next project, the intriguing-sounding vampire flick New Blood, written and directed by William Forsythe (Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects) in his first outing behind the camera. Read on to get a taste (no pun intended) of what you can expect.
After nearly being eaten alive by Avatar actor Stephen Lang, who won for Best Actor at the Saturn Awards ceremony in Burbank, California on Thursday night, it was a pleasant breath of fresh air to run into Danielle Harris, horror vet and star of the upcoming Hatchet 2, who let us in on her next project – William Forsythe-directed vampire flick New Blood.

I’m gonna be doing a film with William Forsythe actually called New Blood that he wrote and is directing and also acting in with me,” Harris told me after plugging the rest of her numerous upcoming projects, including Stake Land (which they’re hoping will garner a premiere slot at September’s Toronto Film Fest) and Night of the Living Dead: Origins (currently in post-production). “It is a really beautiful, amazing, intense vampire movie. And I am completely petrified to be directed by William, but we’re great friends. It scares the crap out of me, but I’m so ready for it.

Harris, the first to be cast, will be playing the lead role, and while she wouldn’t let me in on exactly what the nature of her character is (“I don’t wanna give too much away“), she did indicate the shoot would be ramping up this Fall: “I think we’re gonna start mid-September, September 15th,” said Harris. “It’s just incredibly intense and character-driven, and Bill wrote it, so it’s really well-written. Gorgeous, dramatic, contemporary vampire movie…that’s gonna be set in a stunning location.

Alas, she couldn’t tell me where, but we’ll let you know when more info becomes available. Stay tuned!

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