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‘Evil Dead’ Remake, ‘Evil Dead IV’ Non-News to Tickle Your Pickle

It’s kind of hard being excited for Evil Dead news anymore, especially considering it’s the same old non-news we’ve been hearing from director Sam Raimi over and over again for the past several years. But if you’re into having carrots dangled just out of your reach on a regular basis, you can read on for the little he had to say – after winning the Saturn Award for Best Horror Movie on Thursday night – about both the long-rumored Evil Dead remake and the status of Evil Dead 4. Just to warn you…it’s slim pickings.
Holding his Saturn Award for Best Horror Film in the press room backstage, the very-friendly, soft-spoken Sam Raimi held court for a slew of reporters to talk about his win, and a couple of questions regarding Evil Dead were inevitably thrown into the mix. Prepare to be teased.

So, Sam, can we expect an Evil Dead 4 sometime in the near future?

I’d love to make one, but I just don’t know what the future holds regarding that,” he said grimly. Like, real grim.

Okie doke. How about that ‘Evil Dead’ remake news that been bandied around for the last few years?

I mean, that movie was made 31 years ago. And it was shot in 16 millimeter. It was never really seen on the big screen, only 60 prints were made, they were bicycled around to different theaters, very few people saw it. It was X-rated, very few people saw it. Many movie theaters…wouldn’t show it, newspapers wouldn’t run the advertisements because it was X-rated so…people haven’t really ever seen that movie on the big screen, I think that actually is a good reason to remake it.

Hmm…yeah, not news. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that sound-bite before.

As for talk of adapting that off-Broadway Evil Dead musical, it turns out that Raimi – while giving the stage play his stamp of approval when it was conceived several years ago – hasn’t actually seen it.

I never saw the musical for some reason…I’d love to see it sometime.

And he was gone.

Sam Raimi



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