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Neil Marshall Throwing the Gore Onscreen With ‘Burst 3D’

At the end of the 2009 we reported that Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday, Centurion) had signed on to direct the body explosion flick Burst 3D, which will be produced by Sam Raimi under his Ghost House banner. Today BD got an update from Marshall on the progress of the flick that takes place in an isolated town that endures an alien invasion causing victims to spontaneously combust during a severe snowstorm.
[We don’t have a] shoot date [or] no release date yet,” Marshall told BD in an exclusive interview. “Raimi’s producing, I’m directing. We have a writer on board who’s working on the script. Fingers crossed we’ll get to do that sometime soon.

Considering that this is a movie about bodies exploding being directed by Marshall, who has a certain penchant for excessive gore, the minds of horror fans race with possibilities. “It definitely has people exploding in it, quite a lot,” says Marshall with a fair bit of giddiness. “It’s definitely going to be bloodthirsty and I’m going to do as much practical as I can and see what we can do as far as the 3D element’s concerned. We’ll have to throw some stuff at the screen, [but] we’ve got to be really careful and selective about what we’re going to throw at the audience.

Even though he’s signed on to direct this 3D movie, the director admits to some skepticism over the form’s widespread use of late. “I have mixed emotions about 3D. I think in some cases it’s fine, but I’m terrified that it’s just going to be thrown at everything.

Some films just don’t need [it] or should never be in 3D,” Marshall continues. “It’s not going to make them a better movie. It’s going to make them worse, in fact. It’s like saying that the Mona List would be better in 3D. Some things are meant to be in 2D and that’s how they work. I don’t want to go see a movie like PRECIOUS in 3D.

Neil Marshall’s next movie, the ultra-gory battle epic Centurion, comes to VOD July 30th followed by a theatrical release August 27th.

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