‘Movie Maniacs: Series 7’ Images Online!

Tadd informed me that the images from Tod McFarlan’s Movie Maniacs: Series 7 are now online! Inside you’ll find the images and a link to where you can see them all! The series includes ROBOCOP from Robocop, COLONIAL MARINE HICKS from Aliens, LEATHERFACE, OLD MONTY, SHERIFF HOYT and ERIN from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They look really well-done, but I don’t know why McFarlane couldn’t have made a Texas Chainsaw series instead of wasting all the Movie Maniacs slots on them- it kind of pisses me off. Like it would have cost that much for the rights to Leprechaun or Phantasm! Post your thoughts here. Read on for your first look at another disappointing year- unless you’re excited for a bunch of HUMANS in plastic form…

Head on over to Spawn.com for the full feature:
Cool Robocop- but not really horror…

Leatherface, pretty sweet, I might buy…

Pointless figure #1

Pointless figure #2

Pointless figure #3

Double pointless figure #4- another 18 inch Leatherface. Plus- didn’t he chop off the kids LEG and not his ARM?

Source: Spawn.com, Tadd