Jennifer Tilly and Universal’s Fun Promo

Don Mancini’s Seed of Chucky, which is being released under Universal’s Rogue Pictures, is currently looking at an October 22nd release- but the hype has already begun according to scooper Dreamstalker. Inside you can read about Jennifer Tilly’s appearance on The Graham Norton (show?) and a cool publicity stunt being set up at theaters around the globe..
Dreamstalker writes:

Hey, its me again I just wanted give you a description of the chucky doll. I
was watching that new talk show The Graham Norton something and Jenniffer
Tilly was on. She gave him a shirt that said seed of chucky and it had a sperm
guppy on it. The back had a picture of Jennifer Tilly looking fine in the new
movie sporting black hair in bed with a cool looking chucky. Well uh… I don’t
have a in-depth description other than that he is stitched up like he was in
Bride of Chucky. He looks better than BOC and his little outfit looks really
cool on him. Tilly was describing how she got pregnant and it was not anything
like it was in BOC…I guess they changed the story on how she gets pregnant.
Well thats all I wanted to let you know and I hope you like this small news that
chucky is stiched up like BOC because I know your a big Childs Play fan…at
least I think its you.

Damn straight that’s me, I can’t friggin wait for this flick! Anyways, he continues…

Some theaters have standups with Chucky and Tiff side by side wearing the same outfits as BOC holding baby glenn but his head is missing so you can put ur face there and take a picture of it.

I’m driving over to Universal Studios City Walk this weekend to get my picture taken!