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Writer Todd Farmer Badmouths His Own Draft of ‘Clock Tower’

On B-D’s recent visit to the set of Drive Angry 3-D in Shreveport, Louisiana, the subject of the long-gestating Clock Tower adaptation came up while we were chatting it up with screenwriter Todd Farmer. Farmer, as some of you may know, wrote an early draft of the project, although his feelings on his version are less than charitable, which he blames on interference from the producers. Check out what he had to say.
I did ‘Clock Tower’ a dozen years ago,” he told us. “As you guys know, the business is a weird business….there came a time when [if] you fought for your screenplay you basically just got fired and replaced. So ‘Clock Tower’ was during that time when everyone was scared to fight and so I didn’t fight. So my draft of ‘Clock Tower’ sucks because I wrote exactly what I was told to write and it’s horrible. There have been seven writers since then and I don’t know how good it is or anything. It’s based on Scissorman. Scissorman is terrifying. The studio at the time didn’t want Scissorman because they were afraid that he’d look silly to which my response was, ‘Well, then why did you buy this because that’s what the game is.’ But I lost that battle.

He went on:

I think that they were afraid that [Scissorman] would look like Edward Scissorhands and it wouldn’t, because that’s not what the game was. I don’t know where it’s at now. I’m hopeful that someone will make it because it’s a scary story but I hope they go back to the game and do that version. But I haven’t heard anything.

There are currently no new developments on this video game adaption.



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