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‘Mutant Chronicles’ Director Meets ‘The Thing’ in ‘Safe House’

Lena Headey (“The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” Laid to Rest) will lead the cast in Simon Hunter’s (Mutant Chronicles) new Brit shocker Safe House, reports Deadline. Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation) is also attached with offers out to Kate Mara (Iron-Man 2) and Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica”). Safe House, which is due to begin filming next March, follows a team of US Marshals charged with protecting a mob-trial witness and her teenage daughter, Alice. Mother and daughter are relocated to an isolated compound high in the Californian Rockies. The location appears secure — outfitted specifically for witness protection — yet its past is steeped in mystery and violence. Producer Steve Iles of Spirit Pictures pitches it as Assault On Precinct 13 meets The Thing. Andy Briggs has written the screenplay. Image Engine, the Canadian VFX shop which created the aliens in District 9, is in talks to do the monster design. Simon Bowles, who regularly works with Neil Marshall (The Descent), will be production designer.
Lena Headey



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