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SD Comic-Con ’10: Feldman Follows George Lucas for ‘Lost Boys’ Saga Release Pattern



Bloody Disgusting spoke exclusively with Lost Boys: The Thirst‘s Corey Feldman at San Diego Comic-Con to get the goods on the latest in the Boys saga and beyond. When we asked about a fourth movie, Feldman admitted he had bigger plans than just a fourth movie, foreseeing an entire six-part saga and possibly even a TV series in the Lost Boys universe.
We have a master plan, much like the STAR WARS kind of baseline if you will,” Feldman tells BD. “We’ve pretty much plotted out at this point three more films that we could see happening. We’re going all kinds of places that are really interesting. Everybody was waiting for the Frog brothers to get back together and now we accomplished that with this film. You look at the first film, it is what it is. The second film kind of brings back the Edgar Frog character and loosely references a lot of the characters from the first film without actually getting into the storyline of what happened in-between. This film brings the Frog brothers back together finally and really kinds of fills in the gaps. Now the world is kind of limitless for us. Whether that means we’re going to go back and do a prequel or fill in the in-between of what happened between the second and the third movie, or the third and beyond, that I can’t give away. But I can tell you we’ve pretty eloquently mapped it out and we see this as a series that’s going to go on for quite a while.

Beyond just movies, Feldman has plans for more comics and even a venture into TV land. “I do see another comic book series coming out eventually, possibly a television series. I don’t know if we’d go as far as animated because, you know, it’s not really a kid thing. But the limits are endless at this point. We really want to see how people react to this film and then we’ll gauge how far we want to take it. But we have mapped out a very distinctive future for the Frog brothers and their crusades in fighting vampires.

LOST BOYS: THE THIRST will hit DVD and Blu-ray in October 2010.


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