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SD Comic-Con ’10: The First 8 Minutes of ‘Saw 3D’ Goes Public!

Teased in this week’s first images, Lionsgate shared with San Diego Comic-Con attendees the opening 8 minutes of Saw 3D, what is said to be the final film in the record breaking franchise. While still a work in progress, we did get to see the footage in 3D and learned of some pretty huge surprises (one that literally blew my mind). Read on with extreme caution as there’s nothing but spoilers inside.
SPOILER Warning: Here’s a rundown of the opening 8 minutes shown…

The footage opens with someone clawing their way down a hallway. He’s missing a foot. Who could it be? The second Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) is shown I was hit with goosebumps. He’s bleeding pretty bad, so he takes his stump and presses it against a hot pipe to seal his wound (smart doctor!).

We cut outside and are immediately taken to the most public trap Jigsaw has ever assembled. Hundreds of people gather around a display window where two guys – named Ryan and Brad (yeah, apparently named after myself and the editor-in-chief of Shock!) – are chained up to a workbench with buzzsaws. The onlookers gather around like it is some spectator event. The two men wake up and the Billy doll rolls out on his tricycle (the theater audience cheers).

They notice their girlfriend (from some love triangle) hanging above them and a giant buzzsaw in the middle. The voice of Jigsaw informs them they can either try and kill each other by pushing the buzzsaws on either end into their rival or simply leave the harlot who has been screwing with their hearts to drop on the middle blade. After dueling with each other over the girl (while the crowd flip-flops by cheering on whoever is getting the upper hand), the two men finally realize that the girl doesn’t care about either of them so they let the bitch drop. She gets cut in two, her entrails spilling to the ground while hundreds of onlookers scream in horror.

Cue title card.

I’m not going to lie, I was cheering for Brad (well, duh), although it was a fitting end to a loving, yet bitter rivalry.

SAW 3D arrives in theaters October 29 (Wes Craven’s post-converted My Soul to Take better watch the f*ck out).



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