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Frightfest UK Offers Free E-Zine

Can’t make this year’s Frightfest UK? Going but need something to help tide you over while you wait? Or just in need of some quality horror articles? Look no further than the FREE E-Zine, brought to you by the good folks that put on the annual Frightfest UK in Leicester Square. In this first issue, you’ll find Eli Roth talking up The Last Exorcism, a look at the controversial Serbian Film, and Vincenzo Natali talking up the criminally underseen Splice, plus much more. All you have to do is sign up with your name and email, and you get the issue, plus their monthly newsletter, which will keep you up to speed on all things FrightFest. Our own BC will be heading to London for the festival in just a few short weeks, so keep an eye out for his thoughts on over 20 brand new horror movies, including the long-awaited Hatchet II, which premieres at the festival as the opening night film.



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