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Will ‘Saw 3D’ Truly Be the End of Jigsaw’s Reign?

Both Lionsgate and the producers at Twisted Pictures have been pushing the idea that Saw 3D, arriving in theaters October 29, will be the end of the franchise (even though it’s been publicly stated that 8 films were planned). Actress Besty Russell, who plays Jigsaw’s wife, Jill, told PopWrap that an eighth film has already been conceived. “Before we thought it was ending [with ‘Saw 7’], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for ‘Saw 8’],” Betsy revealed. “It’s an amazing story that I would love to see.” Did anybody really believe Saw 3D would be the end? I guess if it were to bomb at the box office we’ll be having a completely different conversation…
Tell me what I want to know…or I’ll eat you.

Saw Jill Betsy Russell



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