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‘Saw’ Writer Patrick Melton Confirms ‘Saw 3D’ Is “The Last Shebang!”

Yesterday we told you about a recent interview with Betsy Russell, who plays Jigsaw’s wife, Jill, in the Saw franchise. She told press that, even though Lionsgate and Twisted have touted Saw 3D as the final Jigsaw game, an eighth film had already been conceived. Co-writer Patrick Melton writes Bloody Disgusting with a little clarification. “To clarify, Betsy has the story half correct,” he explains. “At one point, we had an idea for two more movies. But after VI opened, we decided to combine everything into one last film, which is SAW 3D. This one is the last shebang!” There you have it, straight from the writer’s mouth! Saw 3D opens on October 29, if you want more, temp them by seeing this.
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