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Predator #3 Out This Week!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the last couple days before Halloween with getting Predator #3 at your local comic shop. The reboot of the Predator comics series has been pretty good and is slightly reminiscent of the movies. What are you more interested in, the Aliens comics or Predator?
pred3 “While the guns-for-hire of Graham Directive Security knew they were entering a third-world war zone when they signed on, they never bargained for stumbling into the middle of an interplanetary blood feud. After barely surviving a brutal firefight with a squad of Predator soldiers, Thorpe and Briggs hightail it to the GDS compound only to find their base under siege by the offworld marauders. Thorpe and his crew haven¹t got a prayer of survival — that is, they wouldn¹t if they didn¹t have the most unlikely ally in the universe.”



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