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DC Kicks Off ‘National Comics’ With Lemire And Hamner



Earlier today, Wired’s Geek Dad blog, announced that DC would be launching a new anthology series titled National Comics. The series will function in a similar way to “DC Universe Presents”, but rather than having story arcs, it will be only one-and-done stand alone issues. DC hopes to introduce readers to various aspects of their universe which they might not otherwise get the chance to explore. The first issue will be written by Jeff Lemire with art by Cully Hamner, focuses on Kid Eternity and his ability to bring back the dead. See more details below.

In the report on Wired, they have stated that the first four issues of the series will focus on the lesser known characters Eternity, Madame X, Rose and Thorn, and Looker. The good news is that most of these seem to be in line with DC’s Dark lineup, which has been phenomenal since the start of the relaunch. The bad news is that with each new book, it usually means an other book will be getting the big boot. There has been no news yet as to which series would be ending to make way for the new title. Some of the lowest selling titles at DC are currently “Deathstroke”, “Frankenstein”, “DC Universe Presents”, “Resurrection Man”, and “I Vampire”. Hopefully not all of them will be canceled this summer, but as we all know it is a cutthroat industry.

The company was named National Comics prior to becoming DC Comics. “National Comics” was an anthology series in the 1940s, and was used as a way to showcase characters that would eventually go on to have their own ongoing series. Who knows what DC has planned with this new edition of “National Comics”, but stay tuned for updates.


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