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Eric Roberts Steals the Spotlight in Horror In Your House

My first crack at Horror in Your House and I get the pleasure of announcing two Eric Roberts features: Killer Weekend and Project Solitude: Buried Alive. Other highlights include the 35th anniversary edition of Horror High, a zomedy titled Office of the Dead, the mass release of the infamous Things, and a Tom Savini flick about exploding heads called Sea Dust. Looks like quite a few winners in the bunch, right?
Horror In Your House
August 8th, 2010

CANARY (2009): Watchmaker Films

In a world where organ harvesting is quickly becoming big business, Canary Industries wants to be on top at all costs. As part of the business model an “Organ Redistribution Agent” ensures recipients closely follow the rules and regulations, else the organ is reclaimed.

MICAH SAYS: Word on the street is Paris Hilton does not make an appearance in this organ repossession film.

CRUMB (1994) (Blu-ray/DVD): Criterion Collection

Winner of the Sundance’s prestigious Grand Jury Prize comes a documentary six years in the making. Straightforward interviews with Crumb’s closest friends and family, along with the acclaimed artist himself are compiled into a gripping, unique, and often controversial look into the man’s inner workings.

MICAH SAYS: Not exactly horror, but a worthwhile mention, plus it is a Criterion release.

HORROR HIGH: 35th ANNIVERSARY EDITION (Coll Ltd) (1974): Code Red

A nerdy student uses science to create a potion that turns him into a monstrous killing machine. He exacts revenge on all those who messed with him, which is essentially EVERYONE ever.

MICAH SAYS: Mr. Mumps FTW! Features a groovy `70s soundtrack that is not to be missed. I will be picking this up.

KILLER WEEKEND (2007) Midnight Releasing

A disgruntled husband/martial-arts expert (Eric Roberts) decides to put his particular skill set to use during a party. Putting his skills to use means killing everyone in sight.

MICAH SAYS: Anything with roundhouse kicks and Eric Roberts is a win in my book.

THE KILLING ROOM (Blu-Ray) (2009): Genius Entertainment

Four ordinary people volunteer for “routine” paid research only to discover they are now part of a sinister government program.

MICAH SAYS: This is a Nick Cannon vehicle. Take that however you would like.

NIGHTMARE ALLEY (2010): Brain Damage Films

A low-budget horror anthology with a CREEPSHOW approach that Herschell Gordon Lewis praised as, “…this is my kind of gross-out.”

MICAH SAYS: If HGL says he likes it, it must be good, right?

OFFICE OF THE DEAD (2009): Big Bite Entertainment

A software engineer working on an experiment to bring happiness to the unhappy inadvertently unleashes a zombie outbreak within his office. With the epidemic rising he consults his friends for help in reversing the zombie effects, saving his company, and, of course, getting the girl.

MICAH SAYS: I haven’t seen this, but it sounds like a nice entertaining zombie version of The Office. Note: I am staunch Team Pam supporter; all others will be assimilated.

PROJECT SOLITUDE: BURIED ALIVE (2009): Synergetic Distribution

Eric Roberts leads a small group into deep winter woods with the goal of assessing human survival instincts. The experiment quickly begins to fall apart as the test becomes all too real.

MICAH SAYS: Count `em! Two films featuring Eric Roberts in one week. Let the rejoicing begin.

SEA OF DUST (2008): Cinema Epoch

A nod to Hammer horror starring none other than special effects maestro Tom Savini in a killer role. A medical student (Troy Holland) is sent to investigate a mysterious plague that is causing heads to explode.

MICAH SAYS: I haven’t watched this film yet, but I can easily declare it as my pick of the week.

THINGS (1989): New Blood Ltd

A husband forces his wife to undergo an experiment that results in her giving birth to a new species of things.

MICAH SAYS: This film has the reputation of being one of the worst bad horror films of all-time, hence, making it a cult worthy addition to any film catalogue.

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