Did Glenn Finally Shows His Ugly Face?

You guys have been waiting a long time now, and I know you’re dying to see Tiffany and Chucky’s little baby Glenn’s ugly mug, which will glare the big screen in Seed of Chucky on November 10th from Rogue Films. Well inside you can take a look at the dirty little bastard, who made an appearance at AMC theaters….

Well there I was at an AMC theaters and low and behold- there’s the standee everyone’s been talking about! I looked at it awhile and decided that I’d be a good Glenn (not the one who got punched in the face)… look at the beautiful baby face! (I know April fools day is a long ways a way, sorry…)

But there is an actual reason for this post, not just to get you excited for no reason. Laura T. reminded me of something a lot of you might have forgot about.
Remember a few long years back when McFarlane Toys used to make sweet Movie Manaics figures? Well I completely forgot that Glenn was supposed to be part of the Bride fo Chucky two-pack, only to be pulled from the set at the last minute. I wonder if this is soemthing similiar to what we might see..