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TV: Sneak Preview of ‘Dexter’ Season 5 Funeral

Time is flying by, and the September 26th (@9:00 PM ET/PT) premiere of Showtime’s fifth season of “Dexter” is already among us. Those of you keeping up with the series know that the season finale of the fourth season was a mega-shocker. A major death occurred, blood was shed, and Dexter was left feeling some of his first ever emotions (or did he?) Entertainment Weekly has your first look at season opener that takes Dexter (Michael C. Hall) to a funeral for a loved one. Jonny Lee Miller, Julia Stiles, April Lee Hernandez, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Shawn Hatosy are the new blood who join Hall, known as a like-able Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice.

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