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Matthew Lillard Hitting Homers, Instead of Slashing Victims — Storyboards Leak!

It was reported last night that Scream star Matthew Lillard (who played the psychopath, Stu) was seen having dinner with Scream IV star (and franchise survivor) Neve Campbell. Immediately, we all thought he might be returning, even though he died in Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher. According to Beforethetrailer, Lillard is actually in Milford, Michigan filming Home Run Derby (or Home Run Showdown). Who knew the guy still got regular work? Also, it doesn’t mean Craven didn’t find a clever way of giving a cameo to one of the best actors in the entire franchise. Until further notice, consider the Scream IV rumor debunked. On a second set of news, if you click here you’ll find a whole bunch of storyboards that contain potential spoilers. Enjoy!



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