It’s Time to Celebrate Your ‘Indeadpendence’!

Are you a fan of zombies? How about George Romero and Dawn of the Dead? How about comic books? If you said yes to any of those questions, than you need to participate in celebrating your ‘Indeadpendence’ from July 13th through August 13th. Read on for details on the new Dawn of the Dead comic book and how to celebrate with them….
The 56+ page, over-sized comic book magazine based on the new DAWN OF THE DEAD Motion Picture from Universal Studios will be available for a limited time for only $5. Price will include all taxes, and shipping and handling fees. (Normal price for comic book will be $6.95 + all applicable fees starting August 14th 2004.)

The INDEADPENDENCE offer will be available through the official website at: or can be pre-ordered toll-free at 1-800-675-6862.
Pre-Order price: $5.

The DAWN OF THE DEAD comic book adaptation is scheduled to ship October, 2004

Source: Mig.Biz