The Pang Brothers ‘Recycling’ Horror

It seems like the Pang Brothers are becoming hit or miss directors, Bangkok Dangerous and The Eye were phenomenal, The Eye 2 was a piece of crap. Hopefully their next movie Recycle will be something to cheer about. Read on for details..
KFC Cinema writes:

The Pang Brother’s are back with another ghost story, this time again with Angelica Lee (The Eye).

The story is about a Best selling Novel young woman writer, pen-named Chu Xun. When Chu announces her next book entitled Ghost’s Land, which deals with the supernatural forces. But after drafting a chapter, she stops. She even deletes the file which contains the draft from her computer- Later, she begins to see things, including a woman who appears repeatedly at certain places. That mysterious woman who comes and goes is actually the heroine of her new book who has come out of the fictional world into the real world.

One night, Chu decides to follow the woman into her mysterious world in which she will experience the ultimate horror! The concept of the movie is based on the idea that all forgotten and forsaken people and objects are transported in another dimension…

Source: KFC Cinema