‘Freddy vs Jason 2’ and ‘Freddy vs Jason vs Ash’?!

Some interesting news for you Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th fans coming in from Moviehole. It appears that we might get treated to a Freddy vs Jason 2 as early as next summer while Freddy vs Jason vs Ash gets worked on! Read on for details from this slowly developing story…
Moviehole talked a New Line source today who said that there’s actually a couple of ideas floating about for the highly-anticipated “Freddy vs.Jason” sequel. One idea is the much talked-about “Freddy vs.Jason vs.Ash” template – which apparently is a bit of a beast to organize because of the different parties involved – and the other is a direct sequel to the first film, picking up where Freddy and Jason left off.

We’re told that “Blade” alumni Stephen Norrington is interested in directing the straight-sequel to “Freddy vs.Jason”, which is being written by newcomer Adam MacQueen. Norrington was once linked to the first film.

The studio are apparently aiming for a Summer 2005 release for the sequel.”

Source: Moviehole