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Spielberg/Abrams Collaboration ‘Super 8’ Finally Lands a Cast!

I was worried we wouldn’t hear a single thing about Super 8, the Steven Spielberg/J.J. Abrams collaboration that Abrams plans to direct, before its summer 2011 release. Thanks to Vulture the first two cast members have leaked, one of which is actually kinda funny. Kyle Chandler (King Kong, The Day the Earth Stood Still ), who stars as Coach Taylor on NBC’s football drama “Friday Night Lights”, has landed a role in the film, alongside 12-year-old Elle Fanning (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Elle is the sister of Dakota, who was once a Spielberg-groomed star. Now her sister gets the “Grade A” treatment as one of three siblings who discover footage of an alien in some Super 8 footage they shot. When announced, it was revealed that the collaboration would carry the feel of the early Amblin films that made Spielberg so famous.



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