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Two New Official Poster for ‘Cold Prey 3’

One of the cooler slasher franchises not getting much attention is Cold Prey, a series that gives homage to various slashers from the States (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chain Saw Massacre). Mikkel Sandemose gets behind the camera for the Norwegian Cold Prey 3 (Fritt Vilt III), which is a prequel that takes place in Jotunheimen 1976. The Stehøe mountain hotel is on the brink of bankruptcy after several suspicious and bizarre events. Unsure that their son has nothing to do with the inexplicable events the young couple running the hotel take the desperate and brutal step of keeping him locked in the basement. But one day something happens to shake the family forever. The official story is that the boy fell into a crevasse while he was out playing, and that the parents were taken by avalanche while they were looking for him. But was it the truth?



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