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Trailer Debut for French Thriller ‘High Lane’



Beginning this Wednesday, September 22 IFC Midnight and Fantastic Fest team to bring you 4 festival titles on VOD! Included are Heartless, High Lane, Primal and Red White & Blue. Bloody Disgusting was provided with an exclusive first look at the trailer debut for Abel Ferry’s French thriller High Lane, a film that’s been covered pretty heavily on the site over the past few years. Inside you’ll get more info on the festivities, along with a look at the trailer and new stills. Watch for a DVD date soon.
IFC Midnight is an electronic film festival available at the touch of a remote button. each month, viewers can choose from six new films that have premiered at major film festivals around the world. IFC Midnight offers the very best in international genre cinema, including horror, sci-fi, thrillsers, erotic arthouse, action, and more. Check it out at:

HIGH LANE: “Towering heights and beautiful vistas turn into a haunting mindtrip in Abel Ferry’s gripping French scarefest that will definitely make you think twice about your next mountain climbing trip. In the film, a group of friends on vacation in Eastern Europe embark on an ambitious mountain expedition along a trail that they discover – way too late – is closed for repair. The thrill of this foolish challenge quickly turns sour as it becomes clear that not only is the path a lot more dangerous than they thought, but also that they are not alone. Fear exposes old traumas and brings up hidden emotions to the surface, and soon, everyone is fighting tooth-and-nail for their survival.

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High Lane


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