Kane Hodder Joins the ‘2001 Maniacs’

Eli Roth has been one busy dude with all the projects he has going on, especially with finishing up Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs. Inside you’ll find the update on the project, which stars Robert Englund and now Kane-freaking-Hodder! Freddy vs Jason again?
Fangoria reports:

Raw Nerve producer Eli Roth gave FANGORIA an update on Tim Sullivan’s 2001 MANIACS, which just snuck in a few pickup shots in LA. “We had Kane Hodder do a cameo as a maniac,” Roth tells Fango, “so we actually have Freddy and Jason-the real Jason-in a scene together. The fans are gonna love it!”

2001 MANIACS should be ready for gorehounds soon. “We’re looking at a November delivery date for the movie, so I’m not sure if it’ll premiere at the American Film Market, or maybe even at Sundance or one of those winter festivals,” Roth says. “We’ll see how they respond to it, but man, I can?t wait for everyone to see Englund in it!”

Source: Fangoria