Happy Halloween! Recomended Reading - Trick 'R Treat - Bloody Disgusting
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Happy Halloween! Recomended Reading – Trick ‘R Treat



I just want to wish all the readers a safe and happy Halloween, but I thought I would suggest the best holiday reading to get you in the mood tonight. Wildstorm’s comic adaptation of Trick ‘R Treat. You can check my review of Trick ‘R Treat, which pretty much says that it infuses the best part of Halloween with fun chills and scares. The story revolves around the acts of going door to door for candy and the people it surrounds. Also more knowledgeable readers will know this is also a movie and I believe it to be a facsimile of the movie, which I never want to see because of my deep love for this comic. What are you reading/doing this Halloween?


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