Magazine Review: Rue Morgue (Issue 40)

Rue Morgue is exploding on the horror front- they have the most kick-ass horror mag on the market and are now following in the footsteps of Fango and running their very own Horror Fest called The Festival of Fear. Inside you’ll find my mini-review of Rue Morgue issue 40, which features Saw, Open Water, The Grudge and Ju-on
Every month I get the newest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine and every month I expect the issue to be not even close to as entertaining as the month prior- why? Because as every month goes on, the issues get better and better, not only because of the quality of writing and the stories chosen, but because there are so many sweet movies coming out this year.

I like to do a play by play reaction to the magazine as I read on, because then I can give you a taste of everything that’s inside the latest issue. Issue 40, which is on newsstands as we speak, has one of the coolest covers they’ve ever bared- it features the scary little guy from the Japanese Ju-on movies and Sony’s The Grudge remake, click here for a look at the cover.

After checking out what Rod had to say in his opening letter (he always has such great things to say) I wasnt surprised at all to find the first article on their very own horror festival they are running called The Festival of Fear. If I had a magazine and I was running an amazing event like the one they’re running from August 27-29, I’d write an article on it too! I wish I was near the event in Canada because the guest list is awesome. So far Doug Bradley, George Romero, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Tom Savini and many many more guests have been confirmed, with many surprises to follow. Good luck guys!

The second article caught me by surprise, it was an article about the Romero-less Day of the Dead: Contagium, and about how the fans are uber-pissed off about the film. In the article it explains that this is in fact an official sequel to the Romero films- super lame! I’m one of those skeptics and I think it’s going to suck and even if it rules, it sucks that they had to use the Day of the Dead tag to sell it. Great article, but BOO!!

The third opening article was a story on Tom Savini’s Chill Factor, which promises to be one hell of a DVD series! The article entails how the show came to be and what it’s about. On the next page we get our usual taste of “Weird Stats and Morbid Facts”, todays favorite is “A free fall from the top of Mount Everest would take more than two and half minutes.” The worst part is you’d probably freeze to death before you hit the bottom…

Then what I couldn’t wait to read- the six pages on the Ju-on and Grudge movies! The first three pages are an exclusive interview with the director of the five films, Takashi Shimizu. He pretty much talks about the fascination of ghosts and curses in America and Japan and about making five of the same movies- is that a curse? The second article by Jen Vuckovic called “Inside the Ghost House” follows an amazing interview with director/producer Sam Raimi! I bet you weren’t expecting that now were you? He talks about his new company Ghost House Production and the future of horror- great stuff. Hidden within these great interviews are reviews for Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s frightening Kairo (Pulse) and a book on Sam Raimi called The Unseen Force: The Films of Sam Raimi.

Then the piece of chocolate you’ve been digging for in the jar but just couldn’t reach yet- an article on Lions Gate Films astonishing Saw, which hits theaters September 17th. Jen Vuckovic sums it up pretty well, “Take one part Deep Red, one part Black Christmas and one part Se7en, cut it up into a bloody, frenzied puzzle, add razor wire and industrial music, and you’ve got Saw…” If you havent received enough hype as of yet through our site, this Rue Morgue issue 40 is a good place to go for even more Saw!

I’ve been super busy as of late, so I want to sum up the rest of the issue for you. There’s an interesting article on the art of Joe Coleman, when you see some of this stuff, you’ll want to get one on your wall. There’s a fantastic article on Ray Harryhausen, who has created some of the greatest animated visual effects of our time in such movies as Clash of the Titans and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. There’s a preview of the insane FanTasia Festival, which we’ve been covering like a savage dog on fresh meat here. Fan of 8MM? Then take a stab at the twisted story on Snuff films- are they the real deal? The last article is on Lions Gate Films Open Water, which leads into a stack of movie, music, DVD and book reviews that could easily look like shark infested waters… Even our good buddies who made Freak Out get a mention in issue 40.

I give issue 40 a perfect skull rating- 5 out of 5

You can get your hands on a copy at your local book store or magazine store, or just save yourself the time and money and order a subscription online now!

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