Where Have I Heard This Before?

I can’t help it, I just can’t- Uwe Boll is the single most hysterical person I’ve EVER listened to. After reporting on the progress of his first disaster House of the Dead, I’m beginning to see a trend here with his newest creation Alone in the Dark and inside you can laugh and laugh just as hard as I did- hopefully you’ll get the joke too…
Fangoria writes:

Lots of video-game adaptations will be coming out soon, and the man behind many of them is Uwe (HOUSE OF THE DEAD) Boll. He has several such projects in development, and is currently wrapping up ALONE IN THE DARK, starring Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff.

“It was great to shoot ALONE IN THE DARK,” Boll tells Fango. “Big monsters, big battles, great actors. The first print will be available September 1, and I can’t wait.” He is particularly happy with one scene: “There is a shootout at Edward Carnby’s [Slater] loft where you see only the muzzle flashes for 60 seconds? I love it.”

The movie promises to be a major FX fest, with a balance of animatronics and digital creations. “The film will of course include huge CGI monsters and worms,” Boll says, “and also normal action with body snatchers. I must admit that animatronics are effective and in many ways still better than the CGI monsters-but it’s a pain in the ass working with the puppeteers,” he jokes. More seriously, he raves, “Working with Dorff and Slater was great. Their characters are very different. Tara Reid is also very motivated and has a great screen appearance,” he says.

Source: Fangoria