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BD Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ the Sexy Twin Sister of ‘Paranormal Activity’!

Paranormal Activity 2 begins its midnight run tonight, so we figured it was time to tell you what we thought. Here’s a clip: “‘Paranormal Activity 2’ is completely true to its roots, establishing itself as a competent, cohesive and coherent addition to the franchise that not only lives up to the hype, but also builds upon the original’s mythology.. [It’s] literally is the sexy twin sister of Paranormal Activity; they look slightly different, have a few variant birthmarks, and carry their own personalities – but neither one is better than the other.” You can read the entire review by clicking the title above, and don’t forget to return here to write your own review and tell all of Bloody Disgusting what YOU thought. PS: If you hated the first film, you need not see the sequel nor comment on the matter.

Paranormal Activity



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