‘Seed of Chucky’ Clips Shown at Comic Con- Coverage Here!

After two wasted days of boring panels and a nice sized hang-over, I made my way into the Universal Panel, which covered Rogue Films Seed of Chucky and Shaun of the Dead. During these panels my dream came true as I was treated to two amazing clips from Seed of Chucky! Jennifer Tilly was also in attendance and looking fabulous- so read on for a description of the clips, some of Jennifer Tilly’s panel discussion and images!
So I’m sitting in anticipation hoping we’ll get to see the first ever footage from the film when some guy comes out and plays stupid and tell us ‘someone’ couldnt make it… we all knew who that was!

… So Chucky pops on the screen (image to your right) and jokes with the audience, he stabs some guy on the ground and grunts and says something like “Die Already!”- funny stuff. Then Jennifer Tilly was brought on stage as she introduced the first EVER clip from the movie…

There’s a guy dressed like Santa Clause walking through the snow when a knife slashes out of his bag. Then they fell out of the bag (off camera)- and then it showed Chucky propped up against a gravestone and I think Tiffany popped out and then Chucky and Tiffany both kill the ‘Santa Clause’ with numerous stabs to his gut. Chucky makes a remark about how he always knew Santa was a fake! Chucky says, “That kind of stuff fuc^ks with you, it really fuc^ks with you!” (something like that) Then the supposedly dead Santa Clause, with blood gushing everywhere says, “She stopped again..” Then the camera pulls back to reveal the stuff working both the Chucky and Tiffany puppets. It’s a scene from a movie! At this point in time, I get totally busted taking photos and dragged in the back and beat up- actually they just made me delete them… Anyways, I tried to watch the rest of the clip while she was yelling at me and it went something like this… Then it shows a reporter talking about being at the scene of a new Chucky movie and she somehow Jennifer Tilly came into the mix and she was complaining about how she was up for some sort of nomination and she made some sort of joke about how she was there fuc^king a puppet.

Then after I begged my way back in, Jennifer Tilly came back and introduced another scene! This scene was Jennifer Tilly and Redman making out on a couch. He was talking about a role for a movie and was taking advantage of her. Then it cuts to the outside, where Paparazzi John Waters is taking photos, he looks up and sees Chucky masturbating in the window- why- we don’t know yet, but it was freaking funny! It cuts back inside and Redman says, “Mel Gibson is not the only one talking to god, this was meant to be!” Then Redman gets knocked in the head by Tiffany and Jennifer Tilly runs to the stairs where Chucky is standing holding a cup of sperm and says, “What am I supposed to do with this?” Then Jennifer screams and runs away and gets cut off by Tiffany who asks her for her autograph. I’ve been informed by numerous people that Chucky and (maybe) Tiffany are trying to impregnate Jennifer Tilly. Chucky feels he failed with Glenn, so instead of trying to mend the relationship, and bond with Glenn, He tries to use Tilly and impregnate her with his SECOND child. And there is a scene in the movie where they do so by using a Turkey Bastor while she’s sleeping.

So those were the two clips, they were excellent. Tiffany’s character looks scary as hell; she’s so much darker and mean looking. Chucky looks pretty much the same. Unfortunately when we interviewed Billy Boyd, he wouldn’t spill anything on Glenns character.

So Jennifer talked for a few minutes about how there’s a rap song in Seed of Chucky. She also indicated that Tony Gardner would lose a vital body part if you know what I mean.

A big shocker is when Jennifer told everyone that Tiffany shows her nipples in the movie and Glenn is also fully exposed- you also get to see Chucky obtaining the seed, which is what I think I saw.

She talked a little about Tiffany’s obsession with Jennifer Tilly, who plays herself and how she emulates her and “loves her voice.”

Jennifer also called the movie more gruesome and “heart-warming”. They really work on family values in ‘Seed’. She says Tiffany has gone through a 12 step program for her rage and Chucky is out with Glenn teaching him to hunt, which causes a lot of fights.

The last thing she talked about was how hard it was to not trip over the puppets and workers- there were over 30 people on the floor at the same time during some scenes!

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Source: Comic Con, Connor