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Season Finale of ‘Camera Obscura’ Web Series!

Over the course of October Dailymotion has been the sole destination for Drew Daywalt’s popular web series Camera Obscura.

Produced by MWG Entertainment and written/directed by Drew Daywalt, “Camera Obscura” follows a young woman who discovers her deceased grandfather was a demon hunter and now his quest to save humanity is hers to finish.

The shorts ran four consecutive weeks unspooling 20 total episodes with a complete runtime of just under 100 minutes. Unique for its emphasis on physical special effects, “Camera Obscura” captures audiences with an intriguing story line, dark onset of creatures and an ensemble cast of characters.

For those of you who want it all at once, the series finale has just premiered and is available inside. Or you can click on over to the series’ official website for all 20 episodes!

Episode 20: Farewell
Uploaded by Camera_Obscura. – Check out other Film & TV videos.



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